STROBECOM II  T792HLB Cordless Emitter  

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Cordless Preemption Emitter Tester
Cordless Preemption Emitter Tester NOTICE: Restricted Item
The sale of this item is restricted to state and local governments and to authorized distributors only.

The model T792HLB coded programmable cordless emitter operates from a built-in light weight battery and gives you complete freedom of movement to test and study optical preemption system detector installations. The T792HLB has a range of 2500 feet and is rechargeable from 110VAC. The T792HLB is molded from high impact plastic and includes on-off switch.

The T792HLB can be programed to emit any GTT® OPTICOM® compatible code on either command or advantage frequencies using the 3065-PROGCAB cable and ECMPS 3.2 software.

An optional visible light filter can be added to make emitter operation invisible.


Item Description
T792HLB Coded programmable cordless preemption emitter available with clear lens only. Includes 120VAC charger & rechargeable battery.
Power 18 volt rechargable battery
Size and Weight 12.5” high x 6.0” deep x 7.5” wide (317.5mm x 152.4mm x 190.5mm) 4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg)

3050B - Accessories

Visible Light Filter 3060 Program Cable
Visible Light Filter (Optional)
3060 Cigar plug power cable (Optional)


1. 5-year - power supply
2. 2-year - lamp
3. 90 day - battery

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