STROBECOM II  2097 Detector/LED Confirmation Light  

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Detector/LED Confirmation Light Assembly

The 2097 Detector/LED confirmation light assembly combines one of TOMAR’s Strobecom II detectors with a low-voltage, super-bright, LED confirmation light in one easy to mount and wire assembly. The weather-proof tilt/swivel mounting hardware is constructed of corrosion resistant anodized and powder coated aluminum and stainless steel with galvanized steel locking nuts.

When used with a model 3140 Optical Signal Processor and a model 2087 LED confirmation light driver, the 2097 receives a vehicles emitter signal via the Strobecom II detector and provides a visual feedback signal to the emergency vehicle driver that his signal has been received and is eligible to receive preemption.

The LED lamp used in the 2097 comes directly from TOMAR’s LED warning light line ensuring that it is both long-lived and powerful enough to be seen on the brightest of sunny days. The 2097’s LED beam pattern is controlled to provide warning to the emergency vehicle driver without being blinding to other traffic even at night.

Ordering Information

Model Description
2097-NA-x 2097 assembly with narrow-angle, standard detector
2097-WA-x 2097 assembly with wide-angle, standard detector
2097-NA-ST-x 2097 assembly with narrow-angle, self-testing detector
2097-WA-ST-x 2097 assembly with wide-angle, self-testing detector

  x indicates LED color. Choices are (A)amber, (B)lue, (R)ed, and (W)hite