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Police Light II
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Police Light II
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Police Light II
Strobe & Halogen Warning Light

The Police Light II is a fully self-contained unit featuring a 3” x 7” rectangular lamp. The Police Light II is available in single strobe, double strobe, strobe with flashing halogen, or strobe with steady burn halogen. The PL37SS produces 60 NEOBE® bursts per minute. Each NEOBE® burst consists of six equal power flashes per multi-flash.

The PL37S and PL37SS lights come standard with an on/off switch as well as a 15’ power cord and a cigar plug with an LED power indicator.

The PL37HS, PL37SBHS, PL37H and PL37SBH lights come standard with an on/off switch as well as a 10’ power cord and a cigar plug.

Police Light II Models

Model Description
PL37S Single Strobe
PL37SS Dual Strobe
PL37HS Flashing Halogen and Strobe
PL37SBHS Steady Burn Halogen and Strobe
PL37H Halogen, Alternating
PL37SBH Steady Burn Halogen


Item Description
Voltage 12 to 28VDC ( strobe )
12 or 28VDC ( halogen )
Note: units shipped with 12V halogen lamps unless otherwise specified.
LED Lamp 890 (27 watt, 12VDC) or 890–24 (27 watt, 24VDC)