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NEOBE® Power Supply


The model 786 NEOBE® power supply is designed to alternately flash two groups of remote strobe heads in either hi or low intensity. The 786 is controlled manually by 3 customer provided SPST low current switches which select high-low intensity, lamp group 1 on-off control, and lamp group 2 on-off control. All functions may be wired to allow control by a single low current switch if desired. The 786–1228 operates on 12–28VDC and is fully potted making it vibration and water resistant. It also features polarity protection, heavy duty precision circuitry, and RFI filters to protect against radio interference. The power supply is constructed with a glass filled Lexan® case and polyurethane potting.


Model No. Description
786–1228 6 output NEOBE® power supply with head cut-out circuitry, and intensity control, 12–28VDC
786–1228–WP (Same as above except with Waterproof connectors)


Item Description
Power Requirements 6.0 A avg. @14.4VDC, 3.0 A avg. @ 25.6VDC
Output Power Rating 65 Watts minimum in High Intensity
NEOBE Flash Rate, 2 Lamps Running
Flash Rate 60 MFPM/Head-NEOBE rate minimum
Flash Pattern 5 equal power flashes per burst
Control Features On-Off and all features are controlled by switching positive, low current battery voltage. The main battery power may be left connected to the supply at all times. Current draw is less than 100 microamps in standby.
Size 7.125”(181mm) x 3.75”(95mm) x 2.50” (64mm)
Weight 3.5lbs (1.56kg.)
Warranty Ten year warranty