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Round Strobe and Halogen Lightheads

The PAR-36 and PAR-36E remote strobe heads are designed to be used with TOMAR’s strobe or NEOBE® power supplies and feature a sealed beam strobe lamp with a Lexan® lens. The PAR-36E EXTENDED LENS strobeheads feature TOMAR’s SIDE OPTICS™ that create a wide beam spread pattern of light, visible from the front and both sides. The PAR-36 and PAR-36E are available with an optional black rubber or stainless steel shells. The halogen versions feature a removable 27 Watt #890 halogen lamp and optional waterproof connectors.


Item Description
Mounting Meets the mounting size requirements of SAE J760a
Lens Size 4” diameter ( model PAR–36 )
890 Halogen Lamp Specifications Volts: 12.8
Amps: 2.1 ± 10%
Life: @ 12.8V : 300 hours
Candlepower: 43MSCP


Item Description
890–CONN Watertight connector for halogen lamp ( model PAR–36 )
890 27 watt, 12VDC halogen lamp ( model PAR–36 )
930DM–FLASHER Flashes 1 to 4 890’s, 12VDC, solid state ( model PAR–36)
PAR–36–SS PAR–36 stainless steel shell ( model PAR–36 )
UBKT Universal stainless steel bracket for PAR–36S or ES lightheads ( model PAR–36 )
PAR–36B–S PAR–36 black rubber shell ( model PAR–36 )
15C 15’ cable ( model PAR–36 )

NOTE: All lightheads are available with waterproof (WP) connectors.