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LED Lightheads

TOMAR's LED lighthead series features ultra-hi intensity LEDs and wide angle optical lenses designed to meet the latest KKK ambulance specifications. The lamps are designed for 12 through 28 VDC operation and have potted electronics for the ultimate in reliability. Expected life is 100,000 hours. Warranty is 5 years from date of manufacture. The lamps come complete with mounting hardware, WP connector with 12” leads or integrated 12" leads. TOMAR carries various ABS chrome coated or black Lexan® bezels for the RECT–34L, RECT–37L, RECT–46L and RECT–79L lamps series. Meets SAE J845 and SAE J1889.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-high intensity LEDs
  • Wide angle optical lens designed to meet latest KKK ambulance specifications.
  • Comes complete with mounting hardware, WP connector with 12" leads or integrated 12" leads.
  • Potted electronics for high reliability.
  • Available in many color configurations (See Product Documentation)
  • Meets SAE J845 and SAE J1889


Item Description
Voltage 12 thru 28VDC
Current Draw RECT-34 & PAR-36: 0.45A - 0.225A
RECT-46 & 37: 0.9A - 0.45A
RECT-79: 1.8A - 0.9A
Size PAR-36: 4.5" diameter, 1.5" deep (114.3mm, 38mm)

RECT-34: 4.25" wide x 3.0" high x 1.75" deep
(107.9mm x 76.2mm x 44.4mm)

RECT-37: 7.25" wide x 3.0" high x 1.06" deep
(184.2mm x 76.2mm x 28.6mm)

RECT-46: 6.55" wide x 4.16" high x .625" deep
(166.4mm x 105.7mm x 28.6mm)

RECT-79: 9.125" wide x 7.125" high x 1.125" deep
(231.8mm x 181.0mm x 28.6mm)