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iLED (RECT-37, 46 & 79)
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iLED (RECT-37, 46 & 79)
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iLED (RECT-34 & PAR36)
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Intelligent LED Series


The TOMAR iLED™ features a built-in single or dual element LED flasher lamp head, creating a completely self-contained warning lamp unit. The iLED™ series features up to 32 user programmable flash patterns, synchronization control, and is available in many different lamp colors and configurations.

The iLED™ can easily be linked and syncronized to flash simultaneously with other iLEDs. The iLED™ uses TOMAR's wide angle optics, which give a high intensity beam at ± 45 horizontal degrees off axis, making the TOMAR LED the widest angle light in the marketplace! Meets or exceeds SAE J845 and SAE J1889.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-high intensity LEDs
  • Wide angle optical lens
  • Synchronizable
  • Programmable flash patterns
  • Available in many color configurations
  • Meets SAE J845 and SAE J1889

Mounting Options
U-Mount (RECT-37L) No-drill Brackets(RECT-37L & 46L)


Item Description
Voltage 12 thru 28VDC
Current Draw RECT-34 & PAR-36: 0.4A - 0.2A (steady burn),
0.2A - 0.1A (flashing)

RECT-46 & 37: 0.8A - 0.4A (steady burn),
0.4A - 0.2A (flashing)

RECT-79: 1.6A - 0.8A (steady burn),
0.8A - 0.4A (flashing)
Size PAR-36: 4.5" diameter, 1.5" deep (114.3mm, 38mm)

RECT-34: 4.25" wide x 3.0" high x 1.75" deep
(107.9mm x 76.2mm x 44.4mm)

RECT-37: 7.25" wide x 3.0" high x 1.125" deep
(184.2mm x 76.2mm x 28.6mm)

RECT-46: 6.55" wide x 4.16" high x 1.125" deep
(166.4mm x 105.7mm x 28.6mm)

RECT-79: 9.125" wide x 7.125" high x 1.125" deep
(231.8mm x 181.0mm x 28.6mm)