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The Scorpion™ Beacon

TOMAR's Scorpion™ Beacon has an all aluminum housing, and utilizes the corner lamps of our Scorpion Lightbar. The Scorpion™ Beacon is available with single or dual colored LED modules. The Scorpion™ Beacon comes standard 1/2 inch female pipe mount and a 10 foot power cable. A cigar plug and mag mount version is also available.



  • SAE Class 1, all colors
  • Waterproof design
  • Single or dual color lamps
  • 1/2 inch female pipe mount
  • Optional cigar plug with magnet mount
  • Available in aluminum or black
  • 5 year warranty
970 Scorpion Corner Beacon

Item Description
Electrical 12 VDC, 2.1 amps operation
Operating Environment -40°C - 65°C

Ordering Information

Item Description
BCN-CR1 360° Beacon
BCN-CR1B 360° Beacon, black housing
BCN-CR1-CP/MAG 360° Beacon, cigar plug/mag mount
BCN-CR1B-CP/MAG 360° Beacon, black housing, cigar plug/mag mount

Item Description
BCN-CR2 360° Dual Color Beacon
BCN-CR2B 360° Dual Color Beacon, black housing
BCN-CR2-MAG 360° Dual Color Beacon, mag mount
BCN-CR2B-MAG 360° Dual Color Beacon, black housing, mag mount,