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950N HELIOBE™ Lightbars
Strobe Lightbar Series

The 950N HELIOBE™ lightbar is the most visible, durable strobe light system ever devised for public safety use. HELIOBE™ lightbars use TOMAR’s NEOBE® technology that provides the look of neon with the power of strobe for a super high intensity glowing effect. HELIOBE™ lightbars are extremely water resistant and the photometric intensity does not decrease at low temperatures. The 950N series now features user programmable power supplies for unparalleled versatility and improved flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • The 950N lightbar was designed with the personal safety of first responders in mind. Department officials routinely rate TOMAR's NEOBE® technology as the brightest, most effective product available.
  • Equally impressive is the reliability and low cost of ownership of the 950N lightbar. With a simple to maintain modular design, waterproof connectors, and fully-potted electronic components, maintenance costs can easily be cut in half.
  • Extremely low amp draw - At only 14 amps the all strobe 48" lightbar draws less current than many similarly-equipped LED lightbars.
  • In addition to the user-selectable warning patterns most bars feature a built-in traffic direction function. This allows the rear strobes to be operated independently in a LEFT, RIGHT OR CENTER OUT pattern.
  • For the ultimate in flexibility and versatility, the 950N provides the ability to select from multiple flash patterns and flash rates.
  • The heavy-duty aluminum extrusion with I-Beam construction prevents warping and bending.

Lightbar Lengths Available

  • 1701 = 17" x 1 Lamps Wide
  • 2402 = 24" x 2 Lamps Wide
  • 3203 = 32" x 3 Lamps Wide
  • 4004 = 40" x 4 Lamps Wide
  • 4805 = 48" x 5 Lamps Wide
  • 5606 = 56" x 6 Lamps Wide
  • 6407 = 64" x 7 Lamps Wide
  • Larger lengths are available in the 930N Lightbar product line.


Item Description
Electrical 12-28VDC operation
Size Height: 4.75" (120.6 mm)
Width: 11.5" (292 mm)
Length: varies on lightbar
Weight 43 lbs. (19.5 kg)
Operating Temperature Range -50°C to +85°C
Warranty 10 Year warranty on power supply
2 Year warranty on strobe lamps

Mounting Hardware (included)
All TOMAR lightbars may be permanently mounted (no hook required) or hook-on mounted. All permanent mounted lightbars use the UNPK permanent mount kit. All hook-on mounted lightbars use the UNHK mounting bracket plus a hook kit. Please see Mounting Hardware Reference Guide IS0056 to determine the part number of the hook kit needed.