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Parts & Accessories

Model No. Description
800/1250-DC Lens dust cover - for 800 Maxi series strobes
802-03 Lens dust cover - for 500 & 800 Mini series strobes
700-DC Lens dust cover - for 700 series strobes
G470 Guard - for Microstrobe & Micro IV strobes
G800 Guard - for 800 series strobes (will not fit "BKT" mounting bracket)
G802 Guard - for 500 series strobes (not shown above) (will not fit "BKT" mounting bracket)
GM Guard - for 700 series strobes
BEPG Guard - for 3200 series explosion-proof strobes (not shown above)
EPG Guard - for 7120 series explosion-proof strobes (not shown above)

Model No. Description
BKT Mounting bracket - pole mounting bracket for 500, 700, 800, 470 and Microstrobe series strobes
800-FLG Mounting ring - for 500 and 800 series strobes
Microshield 180° shield for Micro series strobes
LBO-MINI 180° Blackout reflector for Micro series strobes
LBO-MINILITE Minilite 180° blackout (not shown) for 500 & 800 mini series strobes
LBO-MAXI Maxilite 180° blackout (not shown) for 800 series maxi strobes
TBO-MAXI Top lens blackout for 500 & 800 series strobes
440 STAND Plastic Stand (Thread mount models only)
MAM-DS30 Wall mount bracket

Model No. Description
5002 Xenon strobe tube- for Microstack strobes
5001 Xenon strobe tube - for Micro series strobes
2001 Xenon strobe tube - for 500 series strobes
3001 Xenon strobe tube - for 700 series strobes & 3000 series Power Strobes
4001 Xenon strobe tube - for 800 series strobes
6001 Xenon strobe tube - for 7120R & 3200 Power Strobes
500-BASE Power supply for 500P Micro Lite (not shown)
550P-BASE Power supply for 550P Micro Lite II (not shown)
801-BASE Power supply for 801 Mini I & 804 Maxi I (not shown)
8024-BASE Power supply for 8024 Mini Lite II (not shown)
824-BASE Power supply for 824 Multi Strobe(not shown)